We at Corvid Cleaning work on making our world a cleaner place in cooperation with our feathered friends. We provide a bin/feeding station where crows have the opportunity to dispose of litter they find on the streets, and get food in return. We get a cleaner environment and the bird gets tasty food and a healthier diet.

Crows are very intelligent animals. Corvid Cleaning has developed a proven method to teach the birds how the bin works. Check out this crow bringing sticks to get peanuts:

Hooded crows picking training sticks and getting peanuts as a reward.

Can be used by media outlets with attribution to Corvid Cleaning.

This solution is currently used for cleaning purposes in close cooperation with our partners in the Stockholm area. We are also testing what items are safe for the birds to pick. Once we know this we will launch the solution for wider use.

If you wish to contact us, please email crowquestions@corvidcleaning.com. Please note that we do not give interviews in the media at the moment.

If you wish to be updated once we do a wider launch of the solution and start sending newsletters, please sign up by emailing news@corvidcleaning.com.